James C Gallo


Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney James C Gallo has argued before the Nevada Supreme Court and the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeal on numerous occasions, and has handled hundreds of cases involving both misdemeanor and felonies.

Las Vegas Nevada Criminal Lawyer For All Crimes

A Criminal Lawyer that can initiate Motions for Bail Reduction and/or Own Recognizance Release in all cases, including but not limed to; Bail Hearings, Domestic Violence, Drug Crimes, Drunk In Public, DUI, Federal Crimes, Fraud, Grand Theft, Indecent Exposure, Juvenile Crimes, Manslaughter / Murder, Nevada DMV Hearings, Probation Violations, Prostitution, Sex Assault, Sex Conduct With A Minor, Sex Offenses, Solicitation, Traffic Tickets, Trespass, Theft Crimes, Weapons Charges and White Collar Crimes.

An Aggressive Criminal Lawyer

During the course of his legal career James has also developed a broad range of appellate experience. An aggressive criminal lawyer that has conducted an overwhelming number of arbitration’s, mediation’s, bench trials and jury trials. In addition, Lawyer, Mr. Gallo has developed a great deal of transactional cases by engaging in high level contractual negotiations during his representation of professional athletes in Las Vegas.


A criminal arrest in Nevada is a serious offense. Attorney James C Gallo defends the rights of the accused that has been charged with a crime. With over 18 years of experience as a trial lawyer, Gallo Law Office provides free consultation and a wide range of legal services from simple traffic matters to complex murder cases aggressively defending against all criminal charges. James C Gallo will fight to get the charges dismissed or reduced to lessor offenses. Don't Plead Guilty! Contact a lawyer today.

One thing that truly distinguishes James from other Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys and/or Las Vegas Criminal Lawyers is his commitment to maintaining a tradition of success.

He never settles for average results. An Attorney that always pushes the limits and fights to obtain the case results his clients deserve and should come to expect from a lawyer.

"As your Criminal Lawyer, I will fight for your rights to have all charges dismissed or reduced to lessor offenses."

An experienced criminal lawyer offering Legal Representation in Las Vegas, Nevada. Criminal Lawyer for Federal, State and Municipal Court Cases.

A criminal arrest in Nevada is a serious offense. The duties of a Criminal Lawyer is to represent a client with a strong defense case against any criminal charge and to protect the accused of any prosecution.

We value our clients, which is why this lawyer is so dedicated to providing exceptional legal services and professional criminal defense attorney representation.